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Danielle Rose lives in Massachusetts. Her debut chapbook, at first & then, will be published by Black Lawrence Press in early '21.

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Selected Publications


at first & then —Black Lawrence Press BLACK RIVER CHAPBOOK COMPETITION FALL '19, winner

"this is a trans poem about swans"Pidgeonholes THE BODY, runner-up, PUSHCART nomination

"matutinal/vespertine" w/Bailey GreySundog Lit 2019 SUMMER COLLABORATION CONTEST, finalist

"On the Creation of New Language From the Reading Lists of the Dead" —Kissing Dynamite, PUSHCART nomination

"Body Maps"Random Sample Review, PUSHCART nomination

"Aubade But a Monologue on Beauty"Random Sample Review, PUSHCART nomination


"Diving" —Emerge (forthcoming)

"A Guide to Touching Snow" —Crack the Spine (forthcoming)

"Razing" & "Scrubbing" —Bending Genres (forthcoming)

"Alcestis (1st draft)" —Autofocus (forthcoming)

"When Macaulay Culkin Writes the First Line of a Poem" —Horse Egg Lit (forthcoming)

"Calypso Just Wanted a Man Around the Island"Hobart After Dark

"Oort Poetica" & "Aubade but an Imperfect Recollection of Un Chien Andalou"Hobart Pulp

"In It"Palette Poetry

"Leda / Swan (Triptych)"MORIA

"Tilling"Pithead Chapel

"bootcfg /rebuild" & "i dream i am the mercury-atlas 9 mission" w/Bailey GreyEmpty Mirror

"What Our Parents Never Taught Us"The Headlight Review

"STS-72" w/Bailey GreyKanstellation

"tell me i’m prettier when i smile"Okay Donkey

"pretty in soft light"Glass Poetry

"ekphrasis on 'the most beautiful suicide'" The Shallow Ends

"i want to write a poem about boyhood" —FIVE:2:ONE

"on stillness" —GERTRUDE

"if i believed in the ninth step i might" —Barren Magazine

"Rachel Wight Not as an Empty Nothing Creature c. ~1647." —homologylit


"If the Body is a Prison-House Where is the Warden I Have Some Complaints About the Plumbing" —Third Point Press


"Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick Lunching Alone, 1987"Not Very Quiet


"After the Things That Never Happened"Stone of Madness

"Divine Siegecraft: A Short Talk on Similarities in Rilke & Carson’s Treatment of God & Walls"​ —Tiny Essays

"Body as the Migratory Habits of New England Doves"Dovecote Magazine

Interviews & Other Media

"THR Interview Series: Danielle Rose" —The Headlight Review

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Spring 2021

Pre-orders available!




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